On 11/24/2015, USCIS published a notice in the Federal Register of proposed changes to the Form I-9. The proposed changes aim to reduce the commission of technical errors on the Form I-9 and increase functionality for employers in completing the form on their computer.
Some of the proposed substantive changes include:

  • Section 1: instead of requiring employees to provide all other names used, only require other last names used.
  • Section 1: streamline the certification for certain foreign nationals.
  • Instructions: adhering to USCIS’ practice by separating the instructions from the form itself.
  • Instructions: revise explanation of purpose of form for employers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands (CNMI).
  • Instructions: clarify instructions for completing the form for both employers and employees and the proper use of the Spanish version of the form.

Stakeholders wanting to submit a comment may do so by following the steps below:

  • Visit the website: http://www.regulations.gov
  • Enter the code in the search box: USCIS-2006-0068
  • Click the button: Comment Now!
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